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Our History

Our History

In 1991, the Soccer Association of Western Howard County, LTD (SAWHC) was formed to provide committed youth soccer players in a rural but growing area, an alternative to recreation soccer. The Club, consisting of one team, began to offer good training and a competitive atmosphere that wasn’t available previously. That first team starting as an under 10 age group eventually, at an older age, wound up in NCSL Division 1 and competed for the State Cup. They finished as runners up but provided the model for the newer teams to follow and emulate.

As the area became more developed more players came, more teams formed, more coaches volunteered and a true club atmosphere evolved. The desire to give youngsters an opportunity to play highly competitive soccer became a reality. Bylaws were adopted and a Plan began to unfold. Within a few years, people like Ken Boras, Tom Kuba, Ralph Kompare, Mike Hasty, Sue Goldman, Charlie McCullough, Lars Hill, Larry Graham, and Cliff Walcott had an established Club.

 By reaching out to the community through and offering a high level of training and competitive soccer to all youth age groups through our travel programs, our Rec program, camps, clinics and other events, the Thunder Soccer Club is broadening its own reputation for producing quality players, and contributing to growth of the sport.

The reference “Thunder Soccer Club” was adopted in 1999.  In 2008 the legal name of the club was changed to “Thunder Soccer Club of Howard County, LTD” and it is recognized as such by the state association with which it is affiliated, the Maryland State Youth Soccer Association (MSYSA). Teams are to adopt the name “Thunder Soccer Club” and put it forth as the club identification.



Thunder Soccer Club of Howard County
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