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Here is how it works:

  • Each $20 Ticket could win in any of the five weeks of the program
  • The last day to sell tickets will be November 17, 2013
  • It will run for the last five weeks of the NFL Season (Week 13 – 17 or starting with games on 12/01 and running through 12/29)
  • Each ticket lists three different teams for each of the five weeks.
  • After the Monday Night game is played, each week, the buyer can add up the total points for each of their three teams (NOTE: This scores and winners are automatically tracked on our website)


  • The ticket holder with the highest number of points wins $75
  • The ticket holder with the 2nd highest number of points wins $50
  • The ticket holder with the 3rd highest number of points wins $25
  • Also, the ticket holder with the lowest number of points wins $10

All prizes are mailed directly to the winners

There is a link below to take you to the weekly summary of winners starting December 1st.

KEY SELLING POINT –  The ticket cost is $20 / ticket.  There is a coupon on each ticket that allows the buyer to purchase a $25 Gift Card for $5!!!  In the end, there is no cost for the ticket!  


Each player on each team must sell 5 cards.  The club has authorized a PROFIT SHARE for each team! After the minimum for each team has been sold, the team will be given a fund equal to 60% of the balance of all future ticket sales!

NOTE: These funds can only be used for team expenses – tournaments, training equipment, coach fees, etc.