Field Hotlines | Thunder Soccer Club of Howard County

Field Hotlines

Thunder Soccer Club uses fields in and around Howard County for seasonal games and practices.  We obtain permits from both Howard County Recreation & Parks and the Howard County Board of Education.  

Field Hotlines:


Centennial Park                       410.313.4454
Schooley Mill Park, Reservoir HS Turf 410.313.4458   
Public School System Grass Fields (Faulkner Ridge, Talbott Srings, etc) 410.313.6827
Rockburn Branch, Waterloo, Howard HS Turf, Long Reach HS Turf, H.C Center for Arts, Hollifield Station, Mt. Hebron HS and Troy Hill Park 410.313.4455
Savage, Guilford, E. Columbia Library 410.313.4456
Meadow Brooke Park, H.C Center for Arts, Hollifield Station, Cypressmede 410.313.4457
Dickinson, Hammond, Hawthorne, Huntington, & Martin Road Parks 410.313.4459
Western Regional and Alpha Ridge Parks 410.313.4372

Cedar Lane Park, Atholton HS, Hammond HS, and Wilde Lake HS

Blandair Regional Park and Oakland Mills HS 410.313.3673