Goalie and Speed and Agility Philosophy

Why Goalkeeper Tranings Are Very Important
The soccer goalkeeper is one of the most important players on the field - they are the last line of defense and the first line of attack. To play the position well requires special skills and training.
Soccer goalkeeping technique is focused on the mechanics of catching the ball, or at least deflecting it around the goal. Footwork is the key, because if a keeper's feet can't get them to where the ball is going, their hands will be useless. Catching is important, since sloppy catching technique can allow the ball to slip through the hands and into the net. Proper positioning allows the keeper to cover the largest portion of the goal possible, but occasionally a desperate diving attempt must be made to catch or deflect difficult shots. Finally, remember the goalkeeper is the last line of defense and the first line of attack - a keeper has to know the best way to get the ball to their teammates after the save has been made.
Why Speed and Agility Tranings Are Very Important 
In today's sports the faster and more agile players on the field or court have a distinct advantage over the other players. If one player can change direction faster than the opposing players, they will be elusive in their movements and therefore will have an easier time scoring baskets, goals or touchdowns. If the player is faster than the defense, their chances of being caught from behind are minimized, once again making it easier for them to score in whatever sport they are playing. If the player is on defense they will be able to get to the ball quicker and make players faster. The faster defender will catch other players from behind, steal more balls or make more plays. Speed and Agility are key ingredients to success in today's sport.
Many Coaches don’t have time to spend working with the Goalkeepers and running specific drills for speed and agility in their team practices, so go for it and take advantage of what the Thunder SC is offering.
We have hired highly qualified and experienced coaches to run the Goalie and Speed/Agility sessions for our Club.